ORA fish help you avoid the uncertainty of capture, handling, transport, and disease associated with wild caught fish. ORA sells fish grown to full size and whose color is as vivid as that seen on the reef. ORA aquacultured species help conserve coral reefs and gives aquarium hobbyists a better chance of success.

Please call or email for availabilitiy 
(Images are not of exact corals) 
ORA Derasa (Tridacna derasa) $199.99
Large 8-10 inch Derasa clam

Tridacna derasa is known as a “sand” clam. It prefers clear water, and after reaching sexual maturity, it will release the attaching threads and move to a sandy area.

They are usually colored with orange/yellow and black stripes and have a blue rim. It is one of the largest clams, growing to 16 inches in length.

This is a very easy clam to keep in aquariums and should be placed on the bottom directly on the sand.
ORA Black Storm Clownfish
$299.99 Pair

As the newest member of the ORA Clownfish family, ORA Black Storms are a stunning example of how gorgeous patterns can make a dramatic impact in the home aquarium. These fish are some of the most popular designer varieties in recent memory and have some exciting genetics that will open the door to an unknown number of other pattern possibilities!
ORA Midnight Clownfish
$249.99 Pair

The Midnight Clownfish is a Black Ocellaris clownfish with no stripes. This gorgeous natural mutation was discovered in ORA’s grow-out systems and was selectively bred over the past several years. These fish are quite rare, only a handful are found in every spawn.

Just as with the natural Black Ocellaris, the Midnights start out life with an orange color that turns black as they age.
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