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Pagoda Rock

Pagoda rock is a clastic sedimentary stone mostly consisting of quartz minerals and iron oxidized clay. This rock is a type of Sandstone that has a significantly unique formation. Like most quartz-dominant arenite rocks, This stone is made up of mostly silica minerals (sand) and a small percentage of clay/mud cementing it together. One noticeable difference between Pagoda Stones and other types of Sandstones is the staggered formation of layered bedding.

Pagoda Rock

  • Traditional Name: Pagoda Rock

    Common Names: Sandstone

    Origin: Sedimentary Basins

    Habitat: River Streams, Beach Shorelines

    Color: Reddish Brown, Dark Gray

    Density (g/cm3): 2.00g – 2.60g

    Hardness: 6 – 7

    PH Impact: Neutral (No Effect)

    Elemental Type: Sedimentary Rock (Quartz)

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