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C-Vue All-In-One Aquariums





C-Vue All-In-One Aquariums

  • Cobalt Aquatics is proud to announce the arrival of the most advanced all-in-one aquariums on the market - The C-Vue series aquariums! C-VUE all-in-one aquariums are the ultimate base platform that beginning hobbyists and hardcore fishgeeks alike can use to create any aquarium style they desire, from discus, to dwarf cichlids, reef tanks or even planted aquariums. Each aquarium includes an integrated filter system hidden behind a back wall to keep bulky equipment out of sight. Included no-bypass 200 micron socks will keep the water crystal clear. Powerful pumps with up to 8x turnover and adjustable output nozzles ensure excellent circulation to bring clean, filtered water to all areas of the tank. C-VUE aquariums also feature crystal clear, low iron glass on the front and side panels, with beveled edges and mitered corners for an impressive, clean look and uninhibited viewing. For ultimate flexibility, the bottom and back panels are made from non-tempered glass that can be drilled to add bulkheads and plumbing, making the C-Vue aquarium series the most flexible all-in-one tanks on the market. C-Vue aquariums are available in 18, 26, 40, & 45 gallons. 

    Each C-Vue tank offers five chamber hidden filtration. Water enters the filter chambers through overflows on either side of the rear of the tank. It then passes through 200 Micron filter socks before passing though an accessory chamber and then to the return chamber. The accessory chambers are a constant water level at all times, making them ideal for heaters, skimmers, and reactors. The central return chamber houses one or two return pumps depending on the model and is the only chamber in which water levels fluctuate.

    The unique D-shape of the 200 Micron C-Vue filter socks prevent water bypass, ensuring maximum particulate filtration. Water flows into the sock rather than splashing off of a rim, drastically cutting down on salt creep and splatter. Each sock seats firmly in a removable filter basket, making cleaning quick and easy. Just lift up the handle, pop out the dirty sock, and pop in a clean one. Each sock is washable and reusable for maximum efficiency.

    • Available in 18, 26, 40 and 45 gallon sizes
    • Built-in dual overflows
    • Integrated all-in-one filtration design
    • 200 micron filter socks included
    • Return pump(s) included with adjustable outputs (18 and 26g models have one return pump, 40 and 45g models have two return pumps)
    • All 3 viewing panels are crystal clear, low-iron glass
    • Mitered corners and beveled edges
    • Drillable back and bottom panels
    • Optional seal-top glass lid
    • Suitable for saltwater or freshwater aquariums
    • Matching Matte Black Cabinetry available
    • 18G: 20"x16"x13" overall dimensions, 20"x11"x13" display, 6mm glass, 165gph
    • 26G: 24"x18"x14" overall dimensions, 24"x13"x14" display, 6mm glass, 264gph
    • 40G: 36"x18"x14" overall dimensions, 36"x13"x14" display, 8mm glass, 528gph
    • 45G: 25"x22"x19" overall dimensions, 25"x17"x19" display, 8mm glass, 528gph
    • Lighting and accessories sold separately
    • See above drawings for filtration compartment dimensions
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